Our Story

For hundreds of years, Africans in America have suffered various forms of oppression, identity confusion and a disconnectedness from their homeland. These factors, among many others, have created detrimental effects on our people, leaving communities fragmented and facing a long journey of healing and reconstruction.

We knew we couldn’t sit in silent acquiescence and passively observe the dismantling of our schools, families and neighborhoods. We also knew that force feeding spiritually and culturally malnourished people an antiquated religious injection was insufficient to address their deeply embedded identity deficiencies.

Historically, the American church has divorced the gospel from ethnic culture; however, we understand that in order for a person of African descent to truly fulfill his destiny he must have a revelation of God, and an understanding and affirmation of the cultural context in which he was created.

Our solution: Anidaso 360 seeks to marry these in an effort to create transformational education actperiences and true liberation. We help people know God in the truest sense while developing an unapologetic love for their blackness, in turn becoming world changers.

What began as a kitchen conversation in 2014 sprouted into a platform of international leadership actperiences that help develop communities of African descent by connecting them to their spiritual and ethnic identity. Through these actperiences, civic service and education initiatives, we improve the well-being of our countless dilapidated, underrepresented and broken communities.