Our Core Values

Social Capital

We give people skills to promote professional development, networking capacity, and awareness of social systems in order to maximize marketability

Biblical Principles

We employ principles outlined in the bible as the foundation for every area of our work.


Financial Development

A strong economy is essential to building any community so we strive to do our part by teaching people how to budget and wisely manage money.

School teaches us to think outside of the box. We ask, what box? Through an engaging and relevant curriculum we empower people to be globally educated citizens with a deep understanding of God and their own cultural understanding.

Immersion ACTperiences

We help people connect more intimately with various cultures by taking them from the familiar to the unfamiliar in order to build bridges of cultural connectivity, empathy, and global citizenship.

In addition to our immersion actperiences, we partner with local leaders in Ghana to help assess critical needs and solve problems. From energy sustainability to economic development, our work has impacted hundreds of families and we strive to impact thousands more. Some of our previous work includes: establishing an alternative energy computer lab, microfinancing a corn mill, and helping construct a multipurpose kitchen for local entrepreneurs and caretakers.